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I don't have any experience with the shell catcher, but I have his magazine tube recoil reducer and it does everything he claims. Here's his reply to an email I sent asking about the mechanical shell catcher (note: I asked questions specific to my Winchester SX2):
Q: I'm a little concerned about it (scratching the receiver of my gun; will that actually be a problem?
A: No, it's difficult to see in the photographs on our Website, but the Mechanical Catcher for the Remington 1100 and 11-87 are spaced about 1/4 inch away from the receiver of the gun. There is a rubber "bumper" around the 1/4" pin and an "E-Clip" around the 3/16" pin, both of which prevent the catcher from being pushed into the side of the receiver. Now, if you drop a case of ammunition on top of the catcher when it was mounted on the gun forcing it into the receiver, all bets are off. But, until I have the new SX-2 available, I don't know what protections I will be incorporating into its design to prevent scratching the receiver.

Q: Does the shell catcher require making any permanent modifications to the gun, and how quickly/easily can it be removed?
A: The MMSC does not require any modifications to the gun at all. The catcher is mounted on two pins stainless steel pins which go into the holes in the receiver Remington uses to hold the trigger plate assembly in the gun. As the catcher is installed, the Remington pins are displaced. The instruction booklet which comes with the catcher explains in detail how to install and de-install the catcher (it really is a simple task). I never timed how long it takes to install or de-install, but I am sure it takes longer to read how to do it here, than it actually takes to perform the task. Probably less than 30 seconds installing and another 30 de-installing. I can only suspect that the MMSC for the SX-2 will be as simple to install/de-install.
hope that helps
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