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Mossberg 500 damaged shells?

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I've just purchased a mossy 500 and loaded and reloaded it 15 or 20 times with the same shells. They appear to be severely scratched around the rims and show some lighter abrasions around the crimp. Are these shells still safe to fire?
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Should be safe, i can't think of any reason why not.
I agree with Marland that these should be OK to use, but I wouldn't cycle them through the gun any more. Try some A-Zoom Snap Caps for dry fire/loading drills, if that's why all the load/unload cycles.
I didn't think simply cycling them repeatedly could render them unsafe, but they do look pretty bad. I've been wanting to order some snap caps from cabelas, just haven't got around to it, thanks.
For that I use empty (fired) shells packed with some wadding, a little random shot for weight, and plugged with epoxy putty. I have a little jig I made one day when I was extremely bored to cut the plastic of the fired shells down to a nice even 2 3/4".

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