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Mossberg 835

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Any input @ the 835?
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Check out this thread from the last few months,
as you can see the remy takes the cake over the 835, the only major advantage of the mossberg is their camo, i find it too be of good quality, but camo takes a back seat to reliability and craftsmanship anyday
I've owned both Mossberg's and Remington's. One is made to take to the field and not worry about scratching and the other you will worry about.......
8) I would agree the 870 Wingmaster is a GREAT SHOTGUN but please the 870 Express is a chair leg and on par with the Mossy 500. I've been shooting an 835 from day one (wood stock) and have never had one problem with it. In fact I just purchased a new 835 with camo stock for my new goose/crane gun. For me at 6'5" the longer larger 835 fits me better, plus I can't shoot a barndore with the 870. Good gun does fit my big a__. It's personal like what we think looks good... some think 250 is nice you get my drift. Nothing wrong with the 870--I've just been using Mossbergs for 40+ years and have killed dove, quail, pheasants, grouse, geese, ducks and cranes with them and never felt undergunned. In fact you can take your $1000 jewel and have a heart attack when it falls in the mud or gets scratched. I do that to my Mossy and it adds character.
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I have a Mossberg 835 with a black synthetic stock, and less than 4 boxes through it. Like new condition. How much would you recomend I sell it for?
Russ said:
Any input @ the 835?
I've busted 2 turkeys with 2 shots froom my friends 835 outt o 50 yrds...sold me . so iI went and bought my own..cant beat the afordability.
the Mossberg 835 is a good gun and so is the Remington 870 wingmaster but for bird hunting i like to use my mossberg 835 and for deer i like to use my remington 870
the 835 is a wonderfull gun for the money. I have one and have never had a single problem with it. Another good thing is that it chamber 2 3/4 3" and 3 1/2". It works great for pheasant hunting, fist the 2 3/4" then the 3" and last the 3 1/2". Last season on the third shot with the 3 1/2" shell i killed one at at 60 yards out mabey alittle further. It is reliablel versitial, and build for the worst you can dish out. So if you are looking for a good pump, the 835 is it.

on a side note:
I got the one with the overborded ported barrel and i have noticed that it is slighty louder then others, anyone else notice this?
S101 - your 835 is "louder" due to the porting on the barrel.
I have other 12 gauge shotguns that are ported and still arnt as loud though.
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