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As many of you know Mossberg has two different lengths of forend tubes, old style (7 5/8") or new style (6 ½").
Here's a quick little mod to fit a long synthetic Mossberg forend onto a short tube.
I wanted a ribbed forend on my Mossberg 500A, but I have the short forend tube. So after getting my hands on a ribbed forend.

I went to work modifying it to work on the short tube. I began by measuring all parts, and figured out what to cut and where to shape. I first cut forend to 7 1/8" from the back end, which is basically cutting off the tapered end. Then I finish sanded it to 7" and rounded the front edge.

Next I needed to shape the end to fit the forend nut (.625x 1.310") in, which I did with a Dremel sanding drum. This was done by sanding the centering ribs off a ½"deep making them flush with the bore of the forend.

My finished modified forend.

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