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:x so today i purchased a mossberg 500a pistol grip from a local dealer here in the states, in florida
so im trying to disassemble the shotgun, following the video everything is down correctly, until i get to the trigger housing pin, that will not even move alittle bit. the trigger pin seems to just not want to remove.

If the grip is moved forward the half of the pin moves inside of the shotgun, the other side of the pin does not move. if the grip is fully back of course nothing, but when the grip is in the middle once again does not move at all

this is my first shotgun (after owning rifles) and this is a PITA, i got the shotgun used like i said from a dealer i SHOULD have made them disassemble the gun infront of me but like a retard i did not think of it so any opinions would be nice

do you think its broken? and do you think it can be removed withotu sending it to a gunsmith
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