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mossburg modification

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:?: I have an older Mossy bolt action with a choke on the muzzle that I can turn to different settings.(Select-a-choke) My question is; would a gunsmith be able to cut the barrel to a shorter length of say 20" and then thread the barrel for a choke? I want to be able to have my kids use the gun for turkey hunting and the current full choke setting still shoots way too wide a pattern.
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Jim..... your Mossberg can be easily shortened, milled, and threaded to accept screw in chokes... Mike Orlen
Hi Jim:

Mike (Orlen, see last post) does barrel work, and has done some for me; fast, good and reasonably priced. If I were you, I'd e-mail or PM him for details on what you're looking for. If he says he can do it, believe him.

Good Luck,

FYI, on some of those adjustable chokes, you can turn them PAST the full choke setting to get an even tighter choke. Have you tried this?

Another thing, I'm sure that Mike Orlen could do the work very well and he is very reasonable on his prices, but still, the cost of doing this work to an old bolt action Mossberg is probably more than the gun is worth. Besides, the difference in effective distance between Full Choke and Extra Full or Turkey choke is only a matter of a few yards. Just call them in a few steps closer and you have an easier shot and saved money too. :lol:
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