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Mossburg shotguns

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Does any one have an idea about how good a mossburg really is? What kind of gun should i get if mossburg is not a really good gun. Price range $200-$350 mabe a little more if its a good gun.
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For the money, it's hard to beat a Remington 870. None of the Mossberg's I've looked at even come close to the quality of material and workmanship of the 870. Go to your nearest gun dealer, ask to see a Mossberg and an 870. Compare for yourself. Look at the workmanship, the feel of the action...heck, throw 'em up to your shoulder and see which one feels better.Like I said, in my opinion, it's hard to beat a Remington 870.I shot one for years and have never had a minutes trouble out of it.Let us know which one you decide to get!
Just pass on the Mossbergs.....the Remington 870 is a good choice as is the Benelli Nova and they are both in the price range that you listed. IF you have shot pumps before, the Nova has a longer stroke, so you will experience stove pipes untill you get used to shucking the full length. Some folks think it looks too space age-like, but the military and police are going to them for the reliabilty factors.Rick
As a current Mossberg 500 user (I'll ban anyone who laughs) I would recommend the Remington 870. Wish I had been less impulsive. The Mossberg isn't a bad gun. I've shot skeet, trap and lots of doves with it, but I think the life expectancy would be less than the 870.regards,Jay
Does ROF(holding my sides)notL(but chortling and guffawing)MA count????Snicker snicker, sniff, to remember to breath!!!Tell me its ok to laugh, just as long as we dont point and laugh??Rick(soon to be banned)618
Did I mention that it's a "Crown Grade" Mossberg 500? I didn't get the cheap $220 Mossberg. I got the more expensive $235 Mossberg. Now who's laughing ? ;) regards,Jay
so what yer saying is that ya got the frilly doodling on the side of the reciever and the "less slippery than the field grade forend" hehehe
felt sorry for ya Jay with all the abuse hehehe :hat Edited by: cD Tanthalas at: 8/22/02 1:28:54 pm
Did he say "Crown" or "Clown" grade?Just kidding, Jay. I used to have a Mossberg, too.But when my rich uncle got outta the poor house, I got a Remington! :rollin
Don't forget the guy on the end of the gun has alot to with it, too. One of my favorite stories is about a friend of mine who happens to be one of the best Trap shooters in the state. He normally shoots with a Beretta 686 Trap, but occasionally he'll enter one of the local competitions where he's not as well known. Instead of the Beretta he'll take his Remington 870. Of course all of the doctor or lawyer types, with their Perazzi's, will invite him to compete in their side bets. 98 out of 100 clays later he's taking home their money. Too funny and a good example.regards,Jay
hehe i know a fella who takes his prizes home with a old beaten wally-mart double 12 gauge hehe
I can say that the Mossberg 835 I have has been a good rough and tumble gun for the field. The synthetic stock, and black "parkerized" finish, don t make it look to good to the eye, but it does the job. The gun comes with a 10 year warranty, sling, and gun lock, for a very easy price. It works good on the trap range, and has the3.5" capacity for those big Canada goose loads you may need. For the money I would say they are a decent gun. Why are you critical of your 500, Jay? Have you had problems with it?
If you have problems withthe slide arms, especially from wear, i suggest you get a small tube of gunslick and apply to each arm and you will see it move so much better and no wear the blueing as bad as one does without it. You can also apply inside the receiver(just a little goes a long way)in the tracks where the bolt slides and you will see a marked increase in the smoothnest of the gun. The 500 is a widely popular gun in our area and I sell a lot of the Bantams for the younger hunters and really have found that the young hunter likes the way it shoulders better than the youth 870. .................Take a kid hunting or fishing...........................
HeyI for one love the Mossberg 500.I have 500AB, 500B, and 500c(12ga 16ga and 20ga)I have never seen a more versitile shotgun.There is even a muzzle loading rifle kit for it.All the new 12 gauge barrel are ported.If you desire different barrels they do not cost a fortune.The even make barrels for you Rem 870 users and they do not cost $200. The company is great I recieved my 12 gauge new as a gift for XMass 1982. It has given fine service since then on the trap field. The one time something went wrong with it, the plastic tab for the safety broke this was in 1999. I took a ride down to thier North Haven, factory. They asked if I had a few minutes. I said yes.After about 10 minutes They came back and asked if I had 10 more minutes, explaining it was older than they thought. I said yes.Exactly 10 minutes later the came out said they sorry it took so long. They had replaced the safety, bolt group, and trigger group. They explained that it was an upgrade from when this gun was new. The charge me not a dime for the repair.The gun was 17 years old and far out warrenty!!I can't say I was ever treated that well before.My model 500ab has had about 19,000 rounds fired through it!!I can easily afford a $5000 gun and have spent that much on rifles. I'll keep the Mossberg, it works.As for the 870 being smoother it is I would desribe the Mossberg as crisp. It really is personal preferance.Another advantage is the Mossberg uses the Win-Choke systemmaking choke tubes inexpensive and easy to find.Personally I see little advantage in more expensive 870.
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Hey! Don't be knocking Mossbergs. Sure they're a little rough but, that's what most of us love about em. My camo 835 has been places, endured treatment and, still functioned without a hitch. I keep it under the bed for protection as it is short enough, quick handling and reliable enough to trust better than my auto pistols. Besides it can make a whole wall disappear along with the bad guys.While my 101, SKBs and Benelli stay in their cases dry and warm - my 835 and I are fighting sleet, snow, rain and muck and let me tell you - it keeps performing a hell of a lot better than I do. I've used it as a crutch through swamps (butt down), a table between tree crotches for cleaning game (again the butt end). I clean out the goop and it doesn't do anything bad to me except kick the holy crap out of me when I pull the trigger on those magnificent 3 1/2" loads.
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Best Turkey gun I own! Great gun at a great price. Quote:Don't be the example that the opposition uses to its advantage!
Measured in pounds per foot, a light 12 ***** shell could kick as lightly as 15. A big load at 20.This pales in comparison to a 3.5 inch shell in a Mossberg that kicks at about 65.In other words, the Mossberg 3.5 inch gun kicks about 3 times harder than a hard kicking 2 3/4 12 *****.However, with a stock recoil reduction unit like the Knox unit, a person can reduce the recoil down to 26.These units only cost $100, and seem worth it for such significant recoil reduction.
I guess if you measure a shotgun based how well it works when needed then the Mossberg has more then been a quality shotgun for me. After taking 6 white tail, 3 turkeys and countless other birds I'd say I've spent my $235.00 well. If your buying a shotgun you want to keep for decades to pass on down to your kids or something then the Remington is probably the better choice but if all you need is something that will get the job done in the field then there is no shame in owning a Mossberg shotgun. It does what it needs to when it needs to. I'd say that's money well spent and not much money at that. Mopett
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