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Mossy 835 Ulti-Mag...Combat????

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I'm a newbie. My handle on other forums that I post on is mo jenkins. I'll have to register here when I'm done posting. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has tried to build a combat shotgun out of the 835.... Would any of the other mag extensions work?? or would I have to try and FUTZ my own extension... Anybody got any ideas????
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Choate claims to make an extension for the 835. Their website is:

Look under "New products for October 2003", on the left side of their home page.
I have a pistol grip and an 18.5 in barrel on my 835. Never use 3 1/2" loads with the pistol grip though.
With 3.5" magnums do you really need a magazine tube extension?!?!? They hold 4 in the tube and 1 in the chamber from the factory (to my knowledge). That's 5 shots!! Multiply that by 2.25 ounces per shot and you have just thrown over 11 ounces of shot at your assailant!! Assuming you are using number 4 shot, that's over 1,485 hard hitting pellets!!! Besides, after 5 3.5 ' magnums in rapid succession, you probably won't even want to look at that gun again, much less fire a 6th round!!! The 835 should actually work good for self-defense because it has a fairly short barrel and it's a pump gun that is from a fairly reputable manufacturer!! -Matt Latham
MattLatham said:
With 3.5" magnums do you really need a magazine tube extension?!?!?
A miss with a 3.5 inch shell has exactly the same effect as a miss with a 2.75 inch shell.
Ditto to that. A miss is a miss. Also, I turkey hunt with the 3.5" but other than that 3" is as big as I shoot. I prefer a high brass 2 3/4" or 3" so I can get off quicker follow up shots. With the 3.5" shells, you are in hella state of shock after each shot. Personally, I dont want anything slowing me down. Just my .02
you panzies.... :lol:

While I would never shoot a 3.5 inch load through a pistol gripped shotgun, I would not hesitate a full length gun.

My dad has a Benelli SBE. Any time he doesn't go duck hunting with me, I take his 3.5 inch gun. So much better than 3 inchers. I don't think the kick is that much worse. Course, I am a big feller.
No panzie here, I just figure I would have to shoot more than once, as would most anyone. I want to get that lead out as quickly as possible. 8)
Mo Jenkins, your name looks familiar, what other forums are you on?
Well, I don't think any 3.5 inch loads would be all that great for combat anyhow
I have one in woodlands camo.Two full ounces of shot with spreader wads installed equals Combat shot Extraordinare.One shot equals a double barrel,whats not to like?
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