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He's had the "Cat Scratch Fever," cured it with a little "Wango Tango," then retreated to his own personal frontier haven deep in the Michigan woods. He lives off the land and hunts its big game to nourish his own family. Now, seven unsuspecting souls have accepted an invitation to enter and survive his all-terrain universe for cash and prizes.

Surviving Nugent is a two-hour reality-based event that challenges not only the intestinal fortitude of the seven contestants, but also the image of the outspoken rock legend that many people believe is the real Nugent. The magic seven include a vegan, a gay man, a New Yorker who's not afraid to do a little kissing up, a saucy sex kitten who's not ashamed to use all her assets to get ahead, and a Michigan native who is sure smelling sweet will bring him success.

Fifty thousand dollars and tempting prizes lay at the end of the rainbow, but before they reach that pot of gold they must get past the "Motor City Madman." If the seven contestants pass his muster, they stay and move onto the next challenge. If they don't, the arrow head snaps and they are sent packing.

There are no rules in Ted's game. No rhyme or reason to his madness. Each contestant must simply survive Ted Nugent.

Sunday 8 central
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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