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Muzzleloading Question

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I realize this is not a forum for muzzleloading but there are so many nice and intelligent people who belong to the forum here that I figured that has got to be another muzzleloader out there duing deer season that can help.

I just bought a new T/C Omega Muzzleloader. My uncle who has been muzzle loading for well over 15 years told me that I should use Clean Shot or Hodgens 777 smokeless power rather then Black Power or Pyrodex as the gun says it's designed to use. I would love to use a good quality smokless power such as 777 just becasue it's nice and clean and for that reason alone but below is an quote directly from my book that came with my new Omega. My uncle shoots a really cheap Wal-Mart Muzzle Loader and does very well with it and has been shooting with 777 so what should I do. Should I ignore the book (this sounds really un-intelligent) is it safe to use such smokeless propellants in my gun or should I only shoot dirty black power and or Pyrodex. See this quote:

"Oh you will hear or possibly read advice on the contrary but do not follow it for you will never hear such advice from a competent source. The reason for using a low yield powder such as black powder or pyrodex is quite simple and is related to the muzzleloaders design. When used as a propellant, black powder or pyrodex generates a relatively low breach pressure. Muzzle loading firearms, even those with modern steel barrels are not designed to withstand the pressure produced by a smokeless powder charge. Think about it for a minute and you will understand why. The ignition hole of the muzzle-loading firearm is a direct port into the combustion chamber. The port is sealed only by the thin foil of a cap and the weight of the hammer in the cap lock model. In the flint lock model, the port is not sealed at all. The high pressure of a smokeless powder charge will destroy the ignition system and the gun itself."
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