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my 10 *****

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I'm trying to find someone in alberta, canada that can perform modifications to my 10. I want to either skid the barrel in favor of one with changable chokes or modifie the one on it. Any help would be appriciated, as I can find nobody here with the equiptment to do this. thanks.
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Why are you looking for someone in Alberta to install a choke for you? I am not familiar with Canada gun laws, do they prohibit you from shipping your barrel (or gun) to a gunsmith in the U.S. that can perform this service?
One smith that comes to mind is Nu-Line guns, Inc. (636)441-4500, or
Hope this helps.
hi, im calgary and i have the number of a gunsmith called safari gunsmithing. give him a call he does lots of barrel work, chokes, forcing cones, etc. his number is 403-253-2513
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