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today this morning i called my job to see when i had to go to work and they said not to come in today so of course i was happy but anyways i was in my room with my little brother and he was playing my ps2 while i was watching him and i looked over at my shotgun and asked him if he wanted to go shooting and he said sure

so then i called up a friend who has a car n liscense and he came over and we loaded up his car with my guns and trap thrower and some clay targets and headed off to our shooting spot

so then when we got their my brother was shooting my .22 while me n my friend were setting up the trap thrower on a spare tire and then after we got it on we started shooting the targets and my brother was watching us and i told him to try it and so he did and he missed every single shot so then i went behind him and put my hand on his hand on the forend and then put my hand on his hand on the grip and put my finger on the trigger and i fired the gun when the next target was launched and hit the target perfectly

so then he took 4 shots and missed each time and then on the 5th shot he hit the target barlely but still broke it and then on the next shot he completly smoked the target and the look he got in his eyes was priceless and he was so happy that i couldnt even get the shotgun away from him cuz he was having so much fun even tho he only hit 1 target out of like 5

he is definatly addicted to this sport now and i just wish i could do it with him all the time but since i have a job now i cant really take him so what i was thinking is that i should have some of my trusted adult friends take him out while im working and i dont care about the expenses of ammo or targets cuz as long as my brother is having fun thats worth any price

what do u all think?
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