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My dog got hurt today

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I was out with my two Springers today. We were working a WMA just west of my house. My little female, Ring, hit scent and was trailing a bird when she went down. It looked like she tripped in a hole. She got back up and continued on and stopped and laid down briefly. My male Onee ran past her and flushed a hen, but Ring showed no interest. She came back to me and gave me a look that said "I'm done", so we quit.

I can see no external injury, and she walks just fine, no limp or anything like that. But she refuses to run or jump. I'm going to let her rest in the house for the rest of the weekend and all next week. I hope she hasn't damaged a leg.

I love that little wench dog :cry: .

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As mentioned in another post, candy can be just as effective to maintain blood sugar levels and is much cheaper. I carry either caramels, Bit-o-Honey, or best of all, those peanutbutter Halloween candies that come in the black and orange wrappers. They taste terrible to me so I don't eat them but the dogs seem to love them. I give one to each dog about every 45 minutes to an hour early in the season when it is hot and the dogs are not in peak shape. Later, they may get one piece every hour to two hours as the dogs seem to pace themselves better and their conditioning gets better. I'll also pack an extra bologna and cheese sandwich for them to eat at lunch break. Energy seems to be maintained at decent levels.
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