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My dog got hurt today

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I was out with my two Springers today. We were working a WMA just west of my house. My little female, Ring, hit scent and was trailing a bird when she went down. It looked like she tripped in a hole. She got back up and continued on and stopped and laid down briefly. My male Onee ran past her and flushed a hen, but Ring showed no interest. She came back to me and gave me a look that said "I'm done", so we quit.

I can see no external injury, and she walks just fine, no limp or anything like that. But she refuses to run or jump. I'm going to let her rest in the house for the rest of the weekend and all next week. I hope she hasn't damaged a leg.

I love that little wench dog :cry: .

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It is always a concern with my little muttses as well. Lots of rattlers here in AZ and I know that sooner or later our luck will run out.

My sympathy for you and your little wench. Keep us posted and best wishes.
I was going to do the snake proofing and was advised against it. It was 7 years ago and I can't remember why now. Hrrrrmm I see a new thread coming.
Titanium plates are grafted to the skin of your dog so that snake bites don't penetrate.

J/K ... its aversion threapy for dogs. Dog meets defanged snake- dog gets shock. Repeat until dog doesn't want to meet snake.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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