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My dog got hurt today

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I was out with my two Springers today. We were working a WMA just west of my house. My little female, Ring, hit scent and was trailing a bird when she went down. It looked like she tripped in a hole. She got back up and continued on and stopped and laid down briefly. My male Onee ran past her and flushed a hen, but Ring showed no interest. She came back to me and gave me a look that said "I'm done", so we quit.

I can see no external injury, and she walks just fine, no limp or anything like that. But she refuses to run or jump. I'm going to let her rest in the house for the rest of the weekend and all next week. I hope she hasn't damaged a leg.

I love that little wench dog :cry: .

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AG you should get your dog snake-proofed(I'm just assuming that they have not been proofed yet) . Most snake-proofing
classes only cost between 25-50$ and it works really well. When I was buying some food at petco my dog would not go near the snakes in the reptile section. And Dalee She'll be fine after a few days. When my dog opened the trash can and ate a bunch of chicken bones and fishing line and had his surgery for about week afterwards he didn't even want to play fetch. But then after his little post-surgery period we went quail hunting and limited-out. Take her to the vet and see what your vet says and spoil her rotten for the next few days :wink:
It usually just takes once :wink:
Yay! I'm glad she's okay.
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