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My First Browning!

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Hey all. Just got into the sport of clay shooting a few months ago. I've been shooting a Nova and thought it was time to step it up. A Browning was the first shotgun I used when clay shooting and I loved it! I just sold my Nova and bought a used 12ga Browning Citori Lightning Sporting Clays Edition. I pick it up later this week. Can't wait to shoot it!

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aah the adiction sucks. but its awesome at the same time! i am going to join ATA and shoot a little bit competitively. i cant wait to get it and and ill be sure to tell you all how i like it! im glad to be a part of the browning crowd!
Ulysses- thanks for all your help and advice. you inspired me to bite the bullet (no pun intended) and spend the extra cash upfront to get what i really want. you were right. i wasnt going to be fully happy until i got myself an o/u. i cant wait to pick it up next saturday!
youve got the exact gun ive got. what other clays guns you got?
well, thanks for the warm welcome everyone 8) :wink: i pick it up saturday!
picked it up saturday and its beautiful! i cant wait to shoot it. my friends thought it was new... and its used ;) excellent condition. i just need to pick up some more chokes. it came with extended chokes - skeet, modified, improved cylinder, and L Modified? what is L Modified? is that one step between modified and improved modied? since ill be mostly shooting skeet im debating getting a full or improved cylinder. any advicse would be great. thanks.
It's been three weeks since i purchased my Browning and got to use it for the first time this weekend shooting trap. my first round was terrible. i hadnt shot in a while and kept thinking to much and missing easy birds. second round was arlgiht. third was better when i adjusted to a gun that shot higher than my nova. on my fourth round i shot the best score to date, a 24! i was so happy yet also very pissed when i didnt get a straight. ive been shooting for about 3 months now and just loving it. i absolutely love the Browning - I cant wait to get out there agian!

1 - 7 of 13 Posts
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