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Well today(3/16/03) was a beautiful day in the neigborhood I went to Wal-mart at 7:30 to buy some shells for the range today. As I was there I saw the CD Field sitting in the case and passed by it thinking that it was a piece of junk. Then as I was picking up a case of Federal Gold Medals I though about the few good to great reviews I have heard about the guns. I talked to the sales man there and he told me that even thought the returns were still coming in they were not even close as to the number that used to come back. So after he assured me that if I had a lemon they would take it back and give me a new one. I decided that the $270 for the gun would not be that big a loss. SO the clerk rang me up and then escorted my gun to the door and I was off to the range.

8:45 I get to the range and pull out the new gun to see how it fairs on the paper first. I don't know the terms to use but at 25 yards it shot high and to the right. Ok I know where it is shooting, time to go shoot at some clays. I shot the first station of trap and hit 2 of the 5, The gun it's self is light and swings good but tends to beat it's self up on the loads. Next station I noticed that there seemed to be a lag between the pull of the triger and the bang, but I hit 3 of 5. Two of the shells "stove pipped" on me. Next station I felt I was getting to know this gun and thought I would do better here. First shot of this station I shout "PULL!!!" I pull the triger and guess what the the triger just went back, no resistance no reseting. It just hung there free. I unloaded it, tipped the barrel to the ground and the triger came forward, tipped the barrel up, and the triger fell all the way back.

So it is now 10:05 and I am on my way back to Wal-mart. Get there, go to the service desk tell them what happened and after 15 min of them calling around for what ever reason they ask me what I want I said just exchange it for a new one. So I go back to the sporting goods area and go thru another background check (just to make sure I did not get busted for a fellony in the last few hours). I am back off to the range with my second CD.

Get to the range after a breif delay from an accident on the other side of the road. It is now 11:10 well this gun shot just fine for me in the next round of trap. The one thing I wish I could have checked is I really think this new gun felt hevier to me than the one I just returned. It could have been me, but swear it felt hevier. They were both the same gun Field 3" w/ VR 28" barrel.

After I finished the round of trap, score 13, I was going to get my baby when a guy came up to me. He asked if he could talk to me about the gun I was shooting. He was looking for a gun that was cheap to get for his son to start out with for trap. I told him about what happened earlier and he laughed. We talked and I let his son shoot a round with it to see if it was something he might want to look in to.

So us three went and shot another round of trap. This time I had my baby (my super X-1). The kid who I guess was about 11 or 12 did pretty good, I was very impressed. He really liked the gun, asked his dad if he could get one like this. I could tell after I told him this was my second today that he was kind of leary about going and getting a new one.

So me being the nice guy I am, the fact I think the gun sucks, and would never use it again. I offered to sell him the gun that his son just used, and he knows it will work for awhile. So we agreed on a price of $170 and lunch at George Webb's.

Final thought, the gun is light and responsive. The Fit is nothing to be proud of nice gap by the reciever to the stock. Finish is about that of a $300 gun not great, but not bad. The ones that do work, fine for someone who is not used to a nicer gun. I think there are better budget guns out there like the Stoeger, the Verona, Baikal, or Traditions. I think it is a big crap shoot as to if you get a good one or a bad one. The big problem seems to be quality control issues. I say pass by and get one of the above mentioned.

Oh and Jay I am sending the bill for the $100 loss to you, and the bill for my time so the final expense to you is only $1100 :lol:

Next gun to test will be a Baikal MP 153 ($325) or a Stoeger 2000 ($400). I will let you guys know how that goes too.
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