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So I bought a slightly used PW800+ last month that I intended to load 410 on. My other machine which is on loan to me is cranking out wonderful 28's and I didn't want to take a chance of messing up any of the settings,

For reference there is a lot of great info on loading 410 to use,
Dano's notes here along with a few other threads are definitely worth reading

I replaced the original plastic top plate with a new EZ seal also bought a new magnetic shell holder and a swab for the shell holder,

I had a few primer issues, primer would tilt and catch feeding into the ram, primer wouldn't drop from the tray ( the clear tray cover wing nut was tightened to much, leaving it loose allowed the following primer to lift and the primer to drop),
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I did not do Dano's o-ring insert as I was ready to load, making sure I push the wad down has cured the petal catching 100% of the time for me so far,

my recipe is
H110 with 3A bushing dropping 15.9 gr
1/2ou #9 from #1 bushing (honed out slightly as it was originally only dropping .47ou, about 10-15 pellets short and is now consistently at .495ou )
claybuster WAA410HS

I loaded my first 75 and shot them fine, about my average on the skeet field,
this week I loaded another 400
1 primer issue that didn't sit on the primer seating post for some reason and I missed it and noticed it when it popped off the ram at the downstroke
1 spent primer that didn't drop from the hull (felt the resistance on the downstroke before the new primer crushed it and was able to remove with no issue)
1 wad petal folded on the ram that I didn't firmly push into the wad fingers ( I caught it as the ram touched it ), the 28 doesn't have that issue so I needed to retrain my eyes to look there as I worked the handle

As a new reloader I was quite intimidated by everything I read about PW and 410's but I can tell you my first 500 have been FUN to do ( along with the 4K 28ga's that I did on the other machine), what a finely tuned machine! ready to shoot so I can load some more !

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my very first shell before I realized I how far I needed to push the wad into the fingers,

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