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Q I have a Neuman 10ga mag, 32 inch barrels, silver scroll, gun was made late 40's early 50's. I'm tring to get a general idea of what it is worth.
A Neumann Bros. shotguns were made by Neumann Freres, a Belgium gun making company from 1863 to 1957. They are not of great collector value and seem to go from $200 to $400 at auctions.

Q have a .410 side by side that was handed down from my grandad to my dad and now me. Only Markings on it are:Newport Model CN ,that is on the left barrel at the breech, anyone got any info on it, when it was made where, by who anything?
A I think you actually have an Iver Johnson, though I'm not sure which model. It was produced for the folks below:
"Newport - Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co., Chicago, IL "

Nihon Ryoju Co.

Q I have a 12 Gauge s/s double barrell. hammerless. On the side it say NRS Fuji Model Standard. On the barrell it say The Nihon
Ryoju Co. Ltd. The serial number apperars five times on the gun and it is 62350. I have looked for years to find any info about this gun and can not find anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated

A I had a Japanese friend of mine help with your question. He sent me the following....
"I found some information about "Nihon Ryojyuu".
Nihon Ryojuuu was the maker of shotgun.
They made a Gas Operation Shotgun "Fuji Super Auto".
"Fuji Super Auto" has "Gas cut off floating barrel" function.
1970's "S&W Model 1000" was OEM of "Fuji Super Auto M2000"

"Nihon Ryojyuu" had changed the name to "Fuji" and disappeared.
Howa Machinery was continuing the manufacture sales until the beginning 1990's.
But now, it seems that it was discontinued.
They has English web site,but no contents for guns."
As a side note, Ryojyu means 'hunting gun' in Japanese.

Q Looking for information on a model 602. Can you help?
A Noble (Haydenville, MA circa 1950-1970) made 'utility' shotguns and are generally valued between $65 and $175.
Q recently came in pssession of a Noble shotgun double barrel side by side in excellent condition it belonged to my deceased friends grandfather the only # i could find says Mo 420-B where can i find out more about the piece and its worth.
A Below is an excerpt from 'The Blue Book of Gun Values'..
"Previous manufacturer located in Haydenville, MA circa 1950-1970. Noble manufactured both semi-auto, lever, and slide action rifles in addition to both slide action and SxS shotguns. While most models were relatively inexpensive, good working, utility guns, there has been little collectibility to date and most rifles are seen priced in the $35-$85 price range while the shotguns are priced in the $65-$175 range."
Q Can you please tell me about the
norinco/ jinan over under shotgun or where I can get the info needed to see
what this gun is about I have tried to find out about it but I have been
unable to so far
A From the BlueBook of Gun Values:
Current manufacturer located in China. Currently imported and distributed by Interstate Arms Corp., located in Billerica, MA. Previous importers have included: Norinco Sports U.S.A., located in Diamond Bar, CA, Century International Arms, Inc. located in St. Albans, VT; China Sports, Inc. located in Ontario, CA; Interarms located in Alexandria, VA; KBI, Inc. located in Harrisburg, PA; and others. Dealer and distributor sales only.
Norinco pistols, rifles, and shotguns are manufactured in the People´s Republic of China by Northern China Industries Corp. (Norinco has over 100 factories).

Oxford Gun Works
Q I was wandering where it was made and what it was worth.
A I'm not sure if it's the same company but here's what I found with Oxford in the name
Oxford Arms Company was the trade name of Belknap Hardware Company on shotguns made by Crescent. The Crescent Firearms Company in Norwich Connecticut made cheap revolvers, rifles and shotguns from 1888 to 1893 after which it was controlled by H & D Folsom Arms Company till 1931.
Nothing found on idividual guns or value Sorry


Q The Parkhurst is the same, and both appear to have Damascus bbls. Any help with info and value is greatly appreciated,
A Parkhurst shotguns were made in England by J.P. Clabrough & Brothers., and in Belgium by Simonis, Janssen & Dumoulin. After 1906 they were all made in Belgium(I thought S,J,&D closed up in 1905, ofcourse maybe someone else took over the name or name contract).
It sounds like one of the relatively common guns imported by Sears (and anyone else who ordered a bunch could get their trade name marked on them).Generally considered to be wallhangers, most are of doubtful safety to use with modern ammo unless checked by a competent gunsmith.

There was also a Wm Parkhurst who made percussion guns in New Hampshire in the later part of the 1800's maybe he was the vendors of these guns....

I saw one reference where the chambers are 2 5/8ths which wouldn't lend themselves to modern ammo very well.

Most all the sources say lower value, saw on for sale as a wall hanger for $50, most were $200-$300 but one enterprising fellow had one listed for $2400. Butterfields Auction House had one listed expected it to bring 400 - 800 (pounds Sterling??)

Pedersen 1500
Q can you tell me any thing about this over & under. its a pedersen custom model 1500,north haven conn. stamped in the barrel is ,aramberri- spain 2 3/4 chamber. i need some history, and aprox value.
A I didn't see a "Custom" Model, but below is the description on the "Hunting" model.
12 ga., 2-3/4 or 3 in. chambers, 26 in. imp. cyl. and mod., 28 in. mod. and full, 30 in. mod. and full barrels, boxlock, auto ejectors, selective or non-selective single trigger, checkered pistol grip stock. Mfg. 1973-1975.
100% = $700
98% = $575
90% = $440


[/b] Q [/b] I was given an old shotgun and am trying to find information about it. It is a single shot, single barrel 12 gauge shotgun marked with "PITTSFIELD"? Can you tell me what company manufactured it , who was it manufactured for, where they were located, when they were manufactured, how many were made, etc.

A Pittsfield is a trade name used by the Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett and co. of Chicago on firearms probably made by the H. & D. Folsom Arms Co. of NYC. Your gun is likely one of thousands made for the hardware trade and marked by the manufacturer with whatever name the retailer requested. Most were inexpensive, utilitarian arms and sold for a few dollars new.

Plymouth Shotgun
Q Plymouth Shotgun
serial number 86462
On bottom of gun there is a circle with a 12 in the center.
On side of gun : patent Apr 20, 1915
Got in information?
A Plymouth,name put on Firearms For or by Spear and Co
Value would probably be low (around $75 - $100) as I sus pect this is a Trade gun manufactured for a store or chain of stores

Pride of Spain

Q I have a double barrel,10 gauge shotgun with the following markings. Any help would be great. POS Pride of Spain on the barrel. Sloan's SG Co. New York, NY.

A This article about the history of Charles Daly may provide some clues. ...just a guess.
"Schoverling, Daly and Gales changed ownership several times throughout the years. Eventually, the company's primary asset was the Charles Daly trademark. In 1919 Henry Modell bought the company and controlled it for several years. In the 1920's, he sold out to the Walzer family, owners of Sloan's Sporting Goods of Ridgefield, Connecticut. The Walzer's established a branch of Sloan's in New York known as Charles Daly & Company. Sloan's imported quality shotguns from many companies, including Italian gun makers Beretta and Vincenzo Bernardelli, Miroku of Japan and Garbi of Spain.

In 1976, Sloan's sold the Daly division to Outdoor Sports Headquarter's, Inc., a sporting goods wholesaler located in Dayton, Ohio. OSHI continued the importation of high grade Daly Shotguns, primarily form Italy and Spain, and expanded the brand to include black powder firearms, riflescopes and binoculars, ammunition, clothing, boots, shooting glasses, handgun grips and knives. By the mid-1980's, the Charles Daly brand was transformed into a broad consumer line of excellent firearms and hunting accessories. "
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