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1. go register right away--as the sounvenir t-shirts are sold out by Wed

2. you will pick up your cart at the beginning of an event and return it when you finish that don't get to ride around in it between events

3. the shell sales barn is across the parking lot alley from the registration....go then so that you know they have what you need

4. consider using the sales barn storage facility for overnight gun storage....never--I mean NEVER leave a gun in a car at your hotel nor any food place close to the takes the bad guys about 8 seconds to steal it

5. Sea World is close to the club. BUT they may be ahead. The hotels that service Sea World are heavily used by shooters.... I will be at one.

6. bring money , guns and lawyers as there will be a lot of bling (gun-wise) on site.....High drool factor.
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