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A WalMart is very close to HQ, if you come from the East you'll drive right by it and it's easily accessible. Hopefully all the road construction (in and around) is done.

The last time I was there, it appeared to me they had quite an overstock of target loads, so maybe they actually look at what's going on around them. :roll: I'd say they had 5 times the typical stock of AA's/Nitros of any SuperCenter around here. They even had some Ultra-Lites, which was a :shock:

Motels really get under my skin, as a whole. I stayed about 7 miles away but close to the interstate, I got a good rate, the motel was perfect for me and was quiet----no security issues that I ever became aware of. Only once was I not able to make it to the grounds in under 10 minutes.

I'd also suggest taking it as easy as you can, it's easy to get caught up in all the games you can play and comp you can shoot, and get yourself worn out----too soon.
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