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need a valuation please

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Hi there , i'm new to this page so my apologies if i have gone about this the wrong way , i need some help on a valuation please , i have been left a holland and holland .410 shotgun by my father in law , it braks down into three sections , barrel , stock and fore grip and is in need of some tlc , mostly just a good polish . any help would be great thanks
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Is it a side by side, over and under or single shot?

anything else written on it?

if double barrel does it have two triggers?

every bit of identification you can give will help determine an estimated value.
sorry i should have been more specific , it is a single barrel , single trigger hammer type mechanism that needs to be thumb cocked before firing , it has the holland and holland name and bond street address on it and the serial number 23115 on all 3 sections . the metalwork and barrel are clean and it is nitro proofed( if thats right ) although i dont know when its just in need of a bit of wood restoration . cheers mark
You need to post some pictures of this gun if possible. Holland & Holland is a World renouned firearms manufacturer and everything they have made has been 1st class. I'm suprised that this is a 410 bore shotgun as most of the small framed single barrel British output has tended to be "Rook" guns.
I'm Afraid I don't have any answers for you but your desciption raises a question in my mind. Do the proof marks actualy say "Nitro" or "Proofed for Nitro" or are you deciphering the symbols of proof and if the later, which proof house? I've seen a lot of proof marks from a few countrys, but I'm simply ignorant of the British system.

Mark, all my references show single shots in 12 ga, why not peruse this page and see if you can find a match, if not the New York gun room should be able to give you specific info
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