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Found one in 95% condition. Locks up tight, lever at 5:30. Color case-hardened receiver, oil-finished light turkish walnut in a straight-grip English stock and splinter forend, 22 LPI wraparound checkering, 25-inch barrels (not sure how they're choked), light as a feather. Mounts, swings, and points flawlessly.

They're asking $800. Blue Book says these should go for $450 to $800. I see new prices for similar looking Bernardellis in the $2,400 range. What does the seller know that I do not know yet?

Question to anyone who has experience with them: Anything particular to look out for in these guns? Any known trouble spots or flaws? Any recent sale prices you've seen or paid?

If this gun is indeed choked I/C and Mod when I go back to look at it again, I think it could be my next grouse gun.
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