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I recentely acquired two double barrel Italian shotguns that I can't seem to find anything about:
1. A Mino Gardone VT 28" 12ga checkered pistol grip walnut stock light engraving.

2. S Marco Gardone VT 271/2" checkered straight walnut stock medium engraving.

The guns are similiar to Belgian "Guild Guns" in quality and I'd appreciate any information any one can provide me.

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Gardone is full of independent makers.

I will assume your guns should be from the 50s to 70s. Quite a few, quality, guns were made in those days in italy. Several could have been imported, and still are, in the US under different branding

The value of these independent guns depends on their condition and engraving.

here is a mention of a A. Mino shotgun:

S. Marco is not the brand (San marco)but indicates that what is near or over it is the maker S. Marco is like saying 'the brand'. I have a B, (Yes B not G) Gamba gun with that mark below the BG trade mark.

Here is a picture of the writting:

If you provide pictures or any further symbols you find on the gun someone should be able to help you with more details.

Look over the S Marco symbol.

Also look on the lower area of the barells, on the rib, on the side of the barells (Usually a model name or description of the barells) and on the action.

Good luck

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Thanks for the help to date:
I'm new to this Forum but I've been collecting firearms for over 30 Years. I'll get some picures and post them as soon as I can.
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