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Need Help on gun selection

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Hi All,

I am new to shotguns and I am planning for an auto loader. I have been looking at Franchi 48AL, Beretta 390/391, Remington 1187 premier, in 20ga. I really like the feel of the Franchi 48 but I have read that it kicks really hard. I am small built and I like a light weight gun. I will use the gun for moslty clay and also upland birds. So many difference views on these guns it is hard to decide without having a chance to test fire. Could please share your experience so I may be able to make up my mind. Thank you. :?:

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Generally the lighter the gun the worse the felt recoil. Double edged sword.

I like all of the guns you mentioned and would also throw the Browning Gold into the bunch.

I own a Browning and have owned the Frachi and shot the others all are great guns that you'll not be disappointed in.

Pick the gun that you like and then find a load that it shoots well and you'll be fine.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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