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Need Help on gun selection

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Hi All,

I am new to shotguns and I am planning for an auto loader. I have been looking at Franchi 48AL, Beretta 390/391, Remington 1187 premier, in 20ga. I really like the feel of the Franchi 48 but I have read that it kicks really hard. I am small built and I like a light weight gun. I will use the gun for moslty clay and also upland birds. So many difference views on these guns it is hard to decide without having a chance to test fire. Could please share your experience so I may be able to make up my mind. Thank you. :?:

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Or you might try a Benelli, the Montefeltro or the Legacy are both very light guns. Comparable to well made SxS's as far as weight. You get a shim kit that will allow you to change drop at comb in order to fit the gun. They are very reliable, do a search for reviews on these and you'll see that they are extensively used in South America as dove guns. I can't think of a much more punishing situation ,for the gun or shooter, than 1,500+ rounds per day. There has to be a reason the Benelli's are so widely used there. My wife has one, it points well and cycles anything you can put through it.
Good Luck,
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