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Need Help on gun selection

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Hi All,

I am new to shotguns and I am planning for an auto loader. I have been looking at Franchi 48AL, Beretta 390/391, Remington 1187 premier, in 20ga. I really like the feel of the Franchi 48 but I have read that it kicks really hard. I am small built and I like a light weight gun. I will use the gun for moslty clay and also upland birds. So many difference views on these guns it is hard to decide without having a chance to test fire. Could please share your experience so I may be able to make up my mind. Thank you. :?:

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You are in the process of discovering that different guns have different stock dimensions. It is common that one will fit better than the others. For that reason, stock-fit should be a consideration when buying any gun.

You should be able to close your eyes and mount the gun; when you open them, you should be looking straight along the center of the rib with an amount of the top surface of the rib visable that will put the pattern at the height that you prefer (to give your preferred vertical forward lead.)

Be aware that your body-position when mounting a gun will have an affect on the stock dimensions that are correct for you. The ones that are probably most important are the height of the comb where you place your cheek (drop at the comb dimension,) the distance of the top of the recoil pad below the rib (drop at the heel,) and the length of the butt stock (length of pull.)

When dimensions aren't right for a particular shooter's size and shape, the dimensions can be changed to make the gun fit...usually. It is easier to get a gun that fits rather than changing the original dimensions if that is possible, however.

It is important that the gun does fit. You will be able improve faster with practice, be less bothered by recoil, and shoot more accurately. You wouldn't believe some of the weird shooting forms that can be seen when shooters have to compromize the way they shoot (their form - stance, body posture, weight distribution, gun mount) attempting to adjust to their poorly fitting stock dimensions.

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