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I'm trying to find out information on this shotgun for some older friends of mine, this previously belonged to her father and is of unknown age and origin. It is a double barrel that comes apart and has a olive green canvas carrying bag/case. The markings that I can find are as follows

In a circle on the top of each barrel
Prime (top of the circle)
Essen (bottom of the circle)
Gewehr Lauf Stahl Fried. Krupp (these make up the circle)
Some sort of design inside the circle.

Between the barrels it says Ander. Aug. Ahl. BonnA[/sup]/RHN

The underside has a number of symbols in the following order
explosion (best term I can come up with for this symbol) followed by a crown with an S.
Under that is another explosion followed by a crown with a W below it.
Under that is a crown with a U below it.
Below that is a 16 with a 16 in a circle next to it.

Also can't remember where but it reads

29 Sch. PNA
27. 9Bl.

So far I understand Gewehr Lauf Stahl refers to the steel barrels and the Fried Krupp is a german metal worker who produced a lot of barrels for German companies.

I found one reference that the underside symbols mean it's from East Germany but it is believed by the couple who owns it to be preWWII, can't confirm this though.

I've only found one reference to a Andr. Aug. Ahl but not with the Bonn[sup]A/RHN following it.

Both the barrels and the stock are highly polished and covered in various etchings and scroll work. Not really looking for a value since they don't wish to sell it though giving them one might be nice, mostly I need a time period and manufacture. [/code]

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The proof marks are pre-WWII German.

Krupp was/is a huge German steel company that made quality steel for gun barrels in Essen.

Crown S - Smooth bore proof

Crown W - Choked barrel proof

16 in circle - 16 gauge ( this chamber may be shorter than 2 3/4 inches)

Crown U - Definative proof

This gun may not be proofed for nitro powder. However, the 29 Sch and 27.9Bl. indicates that it was proofed for a voluntary proof with Schultze semismokless powder.

This gun's proof marks seem to date it before WWII, 1939, and probably after the early 1920s. My best guess is that it is a guild gun and was sold by a retailer in Bonn, Germany.
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