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Need help with identification

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I am looking at a new Fabarm o/u shotgun but the staff at the store don't know what model it is.

The gun has the adjustable stock, the underside of the reciever says Max2 Trap. The gun comes in a blue plastic case with no chokes.

I have been searching for two days on the internet and the closest thing I can find is possibly a Gamma 2 Trap but it has the wrong stock.

I live in Canada if this helps any.

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I've done some looking and seen a Max 2 Sporting Clays with an adjustable comb, but that comes with 8 chokes.
There's also a 3T Paradox that's sometimes listed as a trap gun, but no adjustable comb.
Add to that a synthetic-stocked clays model with adjustable comb, and you get a glimpse of the huge number of models and variations Fabarm has offered over the years.
Because yours has the case but no extra tubes, I suspect it's incomplete. You can get tubes from Briley, but you might want to factor that in before deciding to buy.
Thanks for the response.
MAX 2 O/U is now obsolete. Three models were available with a forged steel receiver : a hunting, a sporting clays and a trap model. So the shotgun you saw was a TRAP version, it was available with fixed choke ( IM/F ) or with EXIS REMOVABLE CHOKE TUBES. Its receiver is extremely reliable and strong, its barrel is TRIBORE. In fact even today the GAMMA 2 , and the STL are still using the same receiver. It was replaced in 2006 by the innovative AXIS TRAP. ... 2-trap.htm.
If the tubes are missed, don't worry, they are available as spare parts.
The identification sounds correct, but...

You may not need removable chokes as is previously mentioned in this thread. If it does, and they are not available from the manufacturer:

Many people refer others to Briley for chokes. There is a better way. Contact Seminole Gun Works. Not only do they have more non standard chokes in stock, they also do not require you to send in another choke, or your barrel. All that is required is that you have to measure your bore, in thousandths of an inch, where the barrel and the choke mate. I also scan an image of the choke and e it to Seminole.

I have had much better results, pattern wise, with their chokes than any other manufacturer. You can also specify finish, as in silver or black. I have ordered chokes from them for an Antonio Zoli 12 gauge sold under the SIG name, (G3), in the U.S., and a H&K Fabarm 20 gauge Black Lion Competition. Both with excellent results.

Finally, if it's a cost issue, Seminole wins again, unless you consider paying more for less, a success.

I like the Fabarm product so much that I just bought a Gamma II to use, instead of the SIG/Zoli. The stock fits me better. It shoots where I point it.
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