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need help with mossberg 9200

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My mossberg 9200 doesn't cycle right. When I shoot any type of load the spent shell will be ejected but the bolt will remain stuck to the rear, a little further back than it should be. I then have to forcibly jam the bolt forward with my hand to cycle the next load.
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If that's the "Jungle Gun", clean it up real nice and put it back in it's original box and trade it or sell it to a collector who doesn't care if it works or not....Mossberg had nuthin but trouble with those and couldn't make 'em work right. Sam
Sound as if your bolt is over blowing rearward, locking it self up, to relieve this tension I always hate to say return to the factory but that will be your cheapest option.

I have a Mossberg 9200 that I had the same trouble with. I traded the gun after I first got it for a new one and it done the same thing. I finally took the gun apart and noticed that the forearm was rubbing on the action hindering it from sliding forward fully. I know that some of the guys reading this will cringe when I tell them how I fixed it, but it worked. I got a router and put a straight groving bit in it and run the router over the inside of the forearm to give the action the room it needed to cycle properly. Works great now. Now I am looking for a short parkerized slug barrel for the 9200 if anyone knows where to find one.
thats bull on the jungle gun i own 3 of them and they run hell ready if you lightly of no oil them,these guys in here dont know what they are talking about.
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