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need help with old shotgun restore

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I'm helping a friend with granpa's old gun. It's a Henry Arms Co double barrel. It was heavily surface rusted. I was wondering about the correct colors. Were the plates on the rear stock, one top and bottom one on each side, in the white along with the exposed hammers? There is a small portion of the barrel under the hand guard that appears to be brown almost painted with yellow lines of different sizes that are on a diagonal. It's hard to tell if the barrel was brown or this is rust. If it is brown has anyone used some of the cold chemicals to help make it brown again? i've used Oxpho blue with good results. I've never run into brown before. Any help would be appreciated. They don't want to shoot this gun, only use it as a wall hanger. I want it to look as good as possilbe. Thanks.
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Good advice from Jim. If I could add one more step to the process, I'd ask you to degrease the steel wool before use. The barrel steel must be kept almost surgically (sp) clean and could be contaminated by rust inhibiters in the steel wool.

Good luck with a fun project

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