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KragerVonJager said:
My shoulder's fine. I know it sounds like the kick should be real bad, but it's not. The reason why I shoot 3" out of this gun is because it swings like a dream. I've owned a lot of shotguns, but this is the best swinging ever.
You said it KVJ! I don't know why, but they just don't seem to kick like they should! Not at all as much as my M1 and M2 guns. And they were vicious, nasty kickers, one with the so called Comfortech stock and one with out. Couldn't tell the difference in felt recoil. Finally put Limbsaver butt pads on them and now, they are just a bit worse then the BULs. No reason to even think about Limbsavers on the BULs, they are so mild.

I have run everything from 3/4 oz handloads, right up through 1 7/8 oz. lead # 2, 3 inch mags through my BUL. No problems at all! 1 1/8 oz. Rem. HD # 6, 1440 FPS, 3 inch mags, were just devastating on pheasants in ND.'s water fowl production area, the first week of their season. (Out of state hunters are barred from most of their public walk in areas, during that first week and almost no one hunts the water fowl production areas, because of the non-tox shot requirement.)

Sorry that yours split out. I saw an otherwise 99 percent plus, Beretta A302 with a piece just like that, missing out of the forearm a while back. Just a bad piece of wood. They say that it is walnut, even while being covered in that finish that they put on, and it does seem to be. However very light colored and straight grained.

I first picked up some extended chokes for the BUL, but then just screwed in a PolyChoke II and now use nothing else! Love the gun and the set up! Swings even better now!

Hope they replace it fast for you! (I think that buttstock lists at over $ 300, if one has to buy it!)

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