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Your problem is caused by an illfitting stock dimension called "drop at the comb." Your gun has too much drop; in other words the comb is too low for your facial structure. (Your cheekbone is too far below your eye for the height of the comb on the gun.)

There are several options for correcting the problem. One is to have an adjustable comb installed for a cost of about $150. Another is to build up the comb by using mole skin from a pharmacy (over cardboard if necessary to achieve the necessary height.) The other possibility is to order a foam pad designed for raising combs, available in various thicknesses. They are available from a number of sources, in KY, for example. They are also available through Shotgun Sports magazine and in IA. Look for "comb pads."

You need to use one of the above cures to prevent your eye from moving as you swing the gun to targets. With the eye acting as the rear sight on a shotgun, you are running the serious risk of an unknown sight adjustment as the gun swings to targets.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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