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Need info on an Ithaca Double Barrel Shotgun

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I have my fathers Ithaca Shotgun which was his prized possession. He wanted me to keep it and I have for several years. I now want to find out more about it and also plan to buy some shells and keep it loaded for protection.
Can anyone tell me anything about it? There is a number on it 182370 engraved in the silver. The silver has birds on it and big suns. Engraving very worn of course.
He has tape around the barrell and the wooden piece you may see in the picture. Is it safe to shoot? Thanks for any info or help. :)
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PS- I put some pictures in an album called Ithaca shotgun. Just have uploaded the pictures there. :lol:
By serial number it's a Flues model made in 1909. The frame of the gun in your pictures doesn't match any but the oldest Ithacas from the Baker era but yours is hammerless. I Also couldn't match the engraving pattern to any model I'm familiar with.

The fore end wood is taped to the iron and the entire assembly is taped to the barrels. The butt stock has been drilled behind the head and a threaded bolt installed, complete with a nut on the let side. With the rust visable on the gun are the barrels pitted?

I would hang it on the wall to remember Dad by and purchase another for home defense.

Lonzo is right, that gun should not be fired, period.. If the inside is half as bad as the outside, then no amount of money could make it shootable..Hang it on the wall... I think with that frame shape and the 1909 DOM, it's a transition model, between the Minier and the Flues..Bushrod
Please help me here. Why would anyone keep a shotgun for home defense? At least until Hillary takes away our handguns.
A shotgun is unwieldy, hard to keep at the bedside, and the possibility of collateral damage is great if it is ever used. Seems like a handgun would be a lot more practical. Don't mean to hijack the thread, but the original premise was home defense.
A handgun is a very good method of protection. A 90 year old shotgun is not. Even if it was in better condition I would advise against a double for home defence.

My side by side doesn't even have ejectors so it would be a pain to need more than two shots. Having said that, having ANY gun is better than no gun when it comes to defence.
I think that shot gun would look wonderful up on the wall, mounted in a shadow box, with some old full brass 12 gauges in there with it.

I would also advise a handgun for home protection. If you must have a "scattergun" affect then buy a large caliber handgun and load it with rat shot. I've got a .41 mag for this purpose and the first shot is rat shot, nice muzzle blast to illuminate the target for the 210 grain hollow point that follows.
:) thanks do all of you for your replies. I had no idea that gun was that old. It is not pitted inside. After my father died I took the gun to a gunsmith (10 years ago) to see about getting the barrell re blued. (or whatever you call it) He advised not to do this. Instead to take a burlap sack and oil and rub it over real good. My boyfriend did this, and cleaned it. It has been in my living room ever since.
I talked to my brother in law today who had used it to hunt with. He said it shot real good. Daddy used to hunt quail with it all the time. But after listening to what you guys say I would be afraid to fire it. I have a 38 colt pistol that is loaded with bullets. It belongs to a friend who lets me keep it for self defense here at home. I had taken a conceal carry course here in NC and learned to shoot the pistol. But some guys at work told me the best defense at home if anyone broke in at night would be a shotgun. They said it would be harder to hit someone in the dark with a pistol. As for ratshot for the pistol, where do you get that? Also, if a shotgun for home protection, what kind would you suggest? I need something reasonable.
There have been alot of break ins around here, people killing people, etc. There is alot of gang activity around, although not right here in my neighborhood. Still, you never know.
I thought of making a sign and putting on my door that says,
"Protected by double barrel shotgun - come on in!" :wink: :)
Also, any more input is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks.
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