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Need long eye relief

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Many years ago I had a brief encounter with a scope resulting in pain and a "flinch" and that cost me at least one deer. Swapped my rifle for a shotgun shooting mostly trap and upland game. I recently purchased a 23" Remington 870 rifled barrel with a cantivlevered mount and a 3x7x Remington Scope with only 3" eye relief. I'm sure that would be ok but I want the assurance that my scope encounter won't happen again. I'm going to start with Lightfield Lites for the sighting-in, etc. Appreciate any comments, etc. Merry Christmas!

Jim Gelatt
Yakima, WA
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Just got a Nikon Slughunter scope for mine, it has 5 inches. I use it with a Knoxx Spec-ops stock which moves toward you when you fire and it still has enough.
Will the Nikon fit my cantivlevered mount?
Yes but you might need at least medium height rings. I didn't use the cantilever, I unsoldered it and went with a Da-mar mount base on the receiver. But I did try it before taking the base off and it would clear with the medium height Burris Zee rings I have. It's a 3X9X40 and has a BDC just for slugs. One reason I dont like cantilevers is that they get your scope up high above the centerline of the bore.
I have no experience with this particular scope, however, with 6 inches of eye relief it appears to meet your needs.

Hope this helps.
I personally like 4 inches of eye relief as scope manufacturers sometimes list the eye relief of their scopes from the lense and not the housing.

There are plently of good scopes out there that can give you 4" or more of eye relief. Zeiss conquests, Nikon Monarch, many of the Leupolds have an eye relief range of over 4" @ the lower magnification ranges to just under 4" @ the higher magnification ranges. Nikon also has the slug hunter and muzzleloader scopes with 5" of eye relief which are very nice scopes for the money. There are plenty of other brands as well.

Just keep in mind, when you gain eye relief, you do lose field of view.

3 inches isn't enough. With a 3 inch eye relief, you might sneak up to 1.5 inches and get hit again :shock: Most all of the scope manufacturers, make a shotgun scope, with 4 to 6 inches of eye relief. So pick up a shotgun scope in any flavor you want, but get more eye relief :D
RMc said:
Oops! No edit in this part of the forum.

Here are the specification. ... 1-1436.cfm
I use a Bushnell Banner 3X9 with 6" of eye relief on a H&R Ultra Slugger. I have no complaints and would recommend it to others.
3.6" eye relief is just fine with a Nikon Monarch on my USH 12 ga. For hunting you get a wider field of view than most scopes with 5"-6".
You DO shoot with BOTH eyes open when using a scope,do you not ?
There are lot's of good optics out there to satisfy your requirements.
Many mentioned here already so no need for me to add comments except that I bought the 23" Remington rifled barrel with the 2 X 7 scope two years ago.
I have yet to find a good use for the Remington scope.
It's too short for a tomato stake, too light for a hammer or boat anchor, might make a decent "fun" target for the .22 range tho.
It's absolutely the worse promotional optic I've ever seen.
:evil: :evil:
Ahhhhh-h ! But some MBA with a specialty in Marketing probably got a bonus on his 150k Salary he normally makes for the scope idea. It made sense to him.
Gosh, he might even get a years supply of quiche and tofu with it as an extra thank you.
Since I have that same 23" barrel & scope, what scope did you replace that the Remington (aka tomato stake) with and did you have any problems with the mounting of the replacement scope?
Thanks to all who replied. I've decided to go with the Nikon Slughunter. My next purchase will be a good rangefinder. Any favorites?

Here's a P.S. to my last P.S.
As I stated I decided to go with the Nikon Slughunter and ended up putting it on with medium Weaver scope rings. Haven't been out to sight in in as yet, but hoping to do this weekend. Thanks again to all who posted replies. I'm keeping the 3 x 7 Remington Scope and the its low Weaver rings just in case I want to get rid of the barrel and scope down the line.

I think my next post will be about recoil reduction on my 870.
Good Luck Jim,

...and take some pics to post if get a chance!!

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