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Need Opinions on Gauge Reducers

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My daughter wants to shoot skeet. I have a cut down 20 gauge Browning skeet gun that belongs to my wife. I would like try either the 410 Briley,Chamber Mates or Little Skeeters gauge reducers. I don't want to buy a new gun as I'm not sure she will enjoy the game. My main concern is recoil and gun weight for my daughter as she only weighs 70 pounds. I have never seen or used these devices. How are they for casual skeet shooting?

Thanks, Ray
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Most skeet guns weigh almost 8lbs. With low brass 20g #8 shot, it's not going to recoil much. If she can hold the gun up well repetitively without fatigue, I'd put the $ into a PAST shoulder pad that you can use too. Those recoil ruducers are spendy and if they get stuck in the chamber from expansion, you will not be pleased.

Save your money! Follow the Dr's orders! You'll be glad you'll be glad you did!

I had a set of little Sketters from 20 ga to .410. What a joke!! Luosy pattern and horible velocity loss and varriation! I'm a slow learner. I went out and bought another set from 20 ga to 28. They "function" better. By that I mean I can break rocks with them, but, one has swollen up in a couple places after only 5 rounds so much that I can hardly get the fired hull out. They are too short and as such foul up the end of the 28 ga hulls and make removing the hull difficult, as if you needed them to be more difficult. And lastly, they allow the hulls to swell up so much with fireing that when I resize them for reloading the brass head of the cheddite/Estste hull crinkles ruining the hull. Yes, the instructions say not to use reloaded ammo and to use one piece compression formed hulls, ie Old style AAs or new style STSs. Waste of money!! Anybody interested in a slightly used set of Skeeters from 20 to 28 ga?? Only 5 rounds fired in each one!

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You guys just burst my bubble. :( I thought I had the perfect solution for my daughter. Well, the Little Skeeters are out, how about the Brileys and ChamberMates? Do they swell too? Also, I think they have ejectors.
The 410 is not a load for a beginner, but is rather best suited for an expert. It's never a good idea to start a beginner out with the dissadvantage of only 1/2 ounce of shot. Some lightly loaded 20 gauge target loads and a recoil pad might be a much better idea. Mike Orlen
Try the 28g.
Honestly? If you're ok with having to feed it decent shells an 1100 in 20ga is a good place to start.

I started with one in 12. Never regreted having it.
Briley barrel tubes work well but they should be fitted by Briley ($); even then, I have heard of having to use a rubber mallet and dowel to remove the subtubes as well.
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Jay G.
Can Gauge Mates be used in an 1100 12g? I'm just curious.
clayshooter25/25 said:
Can Gauge Mates be used in an 1100 12g? I'm just curious.
You can't make a 12 gauge Model 1100 work with any gauge reducer.....the rest of the gun is setup for 12 gauge shells.

What if you only loaded the chamber?
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