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One thing about both the general population of hunters and fisherman is that they are lazy. They do not want to put forth the effort that is necessary to be successful at either venture. That is one reason that all these fad items are so popular with some semi-familiar face hawking the next best, got-to-have-it-to-fill-your- bag gadget. The majority of all that stuff out there does exactly what it is meant to do, seperate YOU from your dollars. Think of all the paid for ads on TV offering the Banjo Minnow or the like, the shows where the host is using the Xtreme flare lipped wonder lure with flashhing lights and disco ball.....that's to catch a bell bottomed bass or a tie-dyed trout :) , the hunting show where the host expounds on the way cool camo or call that the (sponsor) guest is using, etc these are all gimicks that may in some unique situations actuall work. However, nothing is going to compare to actual woodsmanship, knowing when and where the animals will likely be when you want to hunt them.A good hunter or fisherman puts forth the time and effort to learn the habits of the critters that they plan on taking. The more time you spend the better your chances of learning, either through success or failure, with failing sometimes a better learning tool than succeeding as it makes you strive to not repeat the same mistake twice. There is a fine line between a hobby and insanity.
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