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Here's some tips I learned from the people I grew up hunting with:Squirrels:1.) When you are hunting squirrels by yourself and a treed squirrel keeps himself on the side of the tree that you are not on, take off your jacket and throw it to the other side of the tree. And be ready to make your shot, because that bushytail will come around in a hurry.2.) If you have a woods with a healthy amount of grey squirrels, keep an eye on the red squirrel population. Red squirrels will overtake sections of woods and "bleed" grey squirrels out of it. Their method: castration. Red squirrels will chase grey males and once in a battle, castrate them. So make sure you harvest reds along with greys.Whitetail Deer:If you find an area in a hardwoods forest (oaks are best) that exhibits a considerable amount of grey squirrel activity, consider hunting in that area for whitetail deer. Squirrels and whitetails often share the same taste in living quarters.Ringneck Pheasants:1.) When wingshooting pheasants, many poeple take the entire bird's length into account when leading them, and end up shooting behind them. Some old roosters get tails longer than 24 inches (some upwards of 30 inches). Remember to keep your eye on the red eye patch and forget about the tail. 2.) When shooting at a pheasant flying away from you, make sure you see the whole bird on top of your bead. When shooting a pheasant flying toward you, block out the bird with your barrel. Mike RossLife Member, NAHCMember, National Rifle AssociationMember, Meeker Co. Historical Society
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