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My advice for Ruffed Grouse and other upland bird hunting is the same as JackRyan's advice for fishing: spend your time in the woods and not in the gunshop. In addition to that, I would say: practice shooting. Skeet and Sporting Clays are a good start but they are primarily games and they get pretty predictable if you do it enough. I got a couple of hand throwers from Orvis about 15 years ago that was the best money I ever spent on a gadget. It is a spring steel, "Y" shaped thingy that's mounted on a golf club shaft. They come in three lengths and the longest one launches the clays at like 100 mph (you read that right). I have two and I go out with a buddy and we take turns trying to make the other miss. You can change your grip and put "english" on it to make the clay rise and fall, bank, dip-- whatever. They force you to learn to get on target quickly and be prepared for your target to do anything. If they still sell them, go get one or two.For deer hunting: it's best to avoid falling asleep on stand--especially if you snore. Ask me how I know this.
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