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NEEDED 11-87 20 ga Youth Stock

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I have a camo gun, but it really doesn't matter what material it is to me! Let me know if you have one, or have a wood one that could be cut down. THANKS!!
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Depending on the size of the shooter you need the stock for, a shortened normal size stock may still not fit. It is likely that the height of the comb will need to be changed and the grip may be too large, forcing the shooter to pull up rather than back on the trigger.

Use your browser to check out Fitaski Jr. stocks - These black stocks come with an LOP of 12 1/8," have specers available to lengthen them, a 4-way adjustable comb and a smaller grip for a fall special of $150.00.

They fit Remington 12 and 20 gauge 870s, 1100s and 1187s.
Rollin, That pretty much sums it up! I will check those stocks out later today!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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