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NEF 20 ga. single shot

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I am just wanting to know what others may think of the NEF single shot Pardner Model SB 20 ga 3" chamber with a mod. choke fixed barrel. This was the first shotgun I ever owned, I got it when I was 15 years old, and still a favorite 7 years later. I have used it for squirrel, quail, and deer hunting. It has fired everything I have put through it, Slugs, Buckshots, turkey shots, and it passed them all. What does everybody else think of this little dandy? It's a great gun for hunting and recreational shooting both. A very good first gun for teaching your children the elements of shooting and hunting.
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They're find little guns. Probably killed more game than alot of more expensive guns.
Here is a list of good autos.
Browning A-5
Browning Gold
Winchester SX2
Winchester 1400
Beneli monterfelo
Beneli super black eagle
Stoeger 2000
Reminton 11
Reminton 1000
Reminton 11-87
Baikel MP153
Beretta 391 Urika
Mossburg 9200
Mossburg 935
Franchi 48/AL
Weatherby SAS
and if you enjoy working on guns the Charles Daly is always and option.

Here is a list of good pumps.
Browning B.P.S.
Beneli nova
Winchester 1300
Winchester 12
Winchester 97
Reminton 870 wingmaster
Mossburge 500
Mossburge 835
Ithaca 37
J.C. Higgins model 20

These are all good guns. If you could a price range would be helpful in giving suggestions. By the way if I didn't name your favorite gun don't be affended I am only human and there are alot of good guns out there.These where just of the top of my head.
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