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Picked it up yesterday. It’s hardly been shot and never cleaned.
Very difficult to remove the trigger. Been a long time since I’ve cleaned a 390.
Took forever to get bolt put back in. Any tricks to doing it?
Finally got it all back together and the trigger didn’t work.
Then I remember about the pin in the trigger. It had fallen out, but I found it.
Now the trigger works!
When removing the trigger assembly, be sure the hammer is cocked and the safety is on. Also, depress the carrier release button in the bottom of the receiver just in front of the trigger guard. Drive out the pin holding in the trigger assembly. Then pull downward and forward on the trigger guard in a "wiggling" motion to remove the trigger assembly. It may be kind of tight the first few times it's removed. It may also help to depress the bolt release button if the trigger assembly gets hung up.

To put the bolt back in, it's easier when the trigger assembly is OUT of the receiver. Stand the gun vertical with the recoil pad on your work bench and the muzzle end of the gun pointed up. Assemble the bolt onto the bolt slide and carefully slide it down into the receiver while holding the bolt onto the slide assembly. Look in through the open bottom of the receiver and guide the tip of the connecting rod (a.k.a. "link") into the little cup on the front end of the recoil spring. Once you've got it in place, you can insert the bolt handle into the bolt. You may need to retract the bolt about 1/4" to 1/2" to easily insert the bolt handle.

Now put the trigger assembly back into the receiver and install the cross pin that holds it in place. Now you can insert the barrel into the receiver, but first put the gas piston on its rod on the front end of the magazine. The open end of the piston faces the muzzle end of the barrel. Also, lock the bolt to the rear when installing the barrel.

Once you get the barrel in place, install the gas spring on the little rod with the flat piece covering the holes in the gas cylinder. Now you can slide the forend into place and install the forend nut to hold it on.[/QUOTE]
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