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New Browning Cynergy O/U Shotguns

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What do you folks think of the new Browning Cynergy O/U shotguns?

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They look pretty cool. If they make them in .410 I'll buy one.
Where did you hear about them?
The recoil pad looks interesting. I wonder if it has a built in LOP adjustment? If it does not, the sculptured base plate would make it difficult for any amatuer handyman like myself to install a homemade spacer or cut off any wood for fitting. I love my Brownings but never had one yet that I didn't extend the LOP.
I am a long armed ape and so far have added at least 3/4" to every shotgun I've owned.

Well, my first reaction is: YUCK!! :shock:

Maybe it grows on you?? Like fungus!

That stock design is almost identical to benelli's R1 rifle stock.
Burnt Powder said:
Well, my first reaction is: YUCK!! :shock:

Maybe it grows on you?? Like fungus!

I am a conservative old phart :lol: :lol:

I am afraid it would take me a while to get used to them. :shock:

I still like my Citori Grade 1 Trap :D
The Cynergy looks like a beauty.

I for one want a composite o/u, the only other option would've been a red label, but there quality can go both ways.

Wow....can you please post more information. The Browning website didn't even have this baby listed!
Anonymous said:
The Browning website didn't even have this baby listed!
I noticed that too. Couldn't find it on an internet search either.

Is this a repalcement for the Citori or just another product line and has there been any information out on price range?
The Cynergy line does not replace the Citori line. The Sporting model in wood is supposed to cost about $2500 with the field model costing a few hundred less.

The Cynergy looks interesting. But I am glad I bought a Citori XS Skeet. The XS Skeet has a traditional feel while having a contemporary look to it. The engraving is understated and clean. It is not busy or gaudy looking at all.

The XS Skeet should last the rest of my life. If I get another Skeet gun, it will probably be a K-80.....

winders said:
The XS Skeet should last the rest of my life.
Yes it should but never say never, you can't have too many "toys", no reason not to acquire a companion at some point for the XS :lol:

Thanks for posting the answers to my questions.

Regards :D
Like I said, if I get another Skeet gun, it will be a K-80! It all depends how serious I get into this.

I have a 12 gauge Remington Model 1100 that I bought new over 30 years ago that I use for upland game bird hunting. I need to get it fitted and get an IC choked barrel to compliment the Modified barrel I now have.

If I ever get serious about shooting Trap, I might have to buy a dedicated Trap gun. Although the XS Skeet should work great for that with the appropriate chokes.

I am not sure what I will use to shoot Sporting Clays. I hear the paralle comb on my XS Skeet is a disadvantage for the high shots. But my fixed choke 1100 is not going to cut it.

I want to shoot Skeet with a 28 gauge too so i will get a Briley matched tube set for the XS Skeet. Heck, I might get the 20 gauge and .410 matched tube sets as well.

I am sure I will get other guns along the way. But I suspect I won't NEED to buy another Skeet gun.

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Wow I really like the look of that gun. If you get any more information please post it here. You made my next purchase easy.....another toy!

Thanks for the answers as well
Some may think its ugly but the design is most likely friendly to the shoulder compared to others.
I can't tell if I like it or not..........................

kinda wanna like it & then....I kinda wanna throw stuff at it!!

Take care,

Winders, where did you hear about it?

I've been hearing about it for a while. I got the picture from another forum. All the dealers should know about them by now.

Okay, thanks.

Another question; do you know where the new o/u is produced?

Just the idle curiousity of an eccentric mind "killing time" before I head over to the club.


I have to believe the gun is made in Japan. And I actually think this is a good thing. The best steel in the world is from Japan and the quality of workmanship is awesome too. Old world Europe is over rated.

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