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New Extrema 2 owner...?? trigger assembly cleaning??

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I finally got one and love it.I think I've bought my last shotgun and both my wife and Wingmaster are jealous! I got it because of the adjustable LOP ...I shoot it with only the recoil pad and all the spacers removed. My buddy says it feels like a toy, but it fits and feels great and shoots where I point it. Just a few questions :
1. I've always had blued steel guns but my new extrema is camo... any suggestions for care after getting soaked.
2. just wondering how you guys clean/treat a wet trigger assembly...WD40??...todate Ive just removed it from the gun blotted off the excess water and put it in a warm place to dry off...any info on lubrication or trigger group care and general tips for the gun would be appreciated.Thanks.
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With any gun you'll want to let it dry off when it gets wet. With a camo finish all that's needed to clean the outside of the gun (even if it's muddy), is a damp towel or rag.

You can use pretty much any solvent to clean the trigger group. Just make sure it is safe to use on plastic. Blow it dry with and air hose and then put a few drops of a good oil like CLP, FP-10, or Militec and blow off the excess with an air hose. I also like to put on a thin coat of the face of the hammer.
I've heard, but have no experience, that 10W40 will jell up in cold temps. May be worth researching.

I've drug my Xtrema through the mud, it's froze, thawed and froze, gotten weed and thistles stuck in the trigger group and it's always fired w/o fail. Wish I could find a reason to buy two of these guns I love 'em so much!

But seriously, when cleaning the trigger assembly I've always just dusted it real good w/ rem oil and used compressed air to remove the excess oil and blow away any unwanted particles.
I give the trigger group a good shot of break free, let it soak for a moment then hit it with some air to dry it along with get the gunk out. then shoot it with some teflon lube that dries and does not stay oily. It has been my experience that the oily lubes like wd40 do nothing but collect dirt and grime. It seems everything sticks to it including sand,dirt and mud. With all this said I hunt in - 20* temps with no problems with my extreema 2. Now my last Benelli SBE, that was a different story.
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