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:oops: Ok all you CZ lovers, I went and did it. I could not wait until sunday so I drove to Cabelas in Maine today and came home with a new Beretta Silver Pigeon V, 20 ga with 28" barrels. Beautifull gun, and points like a dream. I will get the trap out tomorrow and give her a whirl.............. I have never bought a gun from Cabelas and the experience leaves something to be desired, but on this gun the price was right, about $400 less than anywhere else I checked, and the gun is really nice, but they need to get help that is better informed on what they are selling.............oh well, it really does not matter now...
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Steve1, Huge Congrats!!!!!!!!! Great choice by the way, a man after my own heart. Those grade V's are absolutely gorgeous with the color case and the gold inlay very tasteful and almost understated, just a rich classic looking gun, did you get some nice wood too?? Oh were gonna need to see some photos for sure. Good for you man, that gun will give you a lifetime of service and pleasure and then be ready for the next generation.


Oh yeah, will need a full report on how she shoots too by the way.
Steve1, good luck with your new Beretta! I have several nice o/u Berettas and they have never let me down. I think the 28 inch barrels is a good choice for the 20 gauge. I have one with a 26 inch set that is just a bit too pointy...

Congrats on the new Beretta! Hope you will share some pics.

As to Cabela's.....well, they are just HORRIBLE. I can honestly say that buying my DeHaan from them was one of my worst customer service experiences EVER!

Have fun with your new baby and let us know how she does when you get her out.

:D Well, I finally got to the range today with my new Beretta. I am in love with this gun! Fits me like a glove, swings well, and looks great! I also put my new Atlas Partiot Trap through its paces for the first time, and it too is a winner. I had a Do-All and that thing was a piece of junk....but the atlas is one sweet machine. No throwing plate to adjust, just load, shoot and have fun. I'll take some pice tomorrow of the Beretta and send them to 2Few to post for me it he is willing.
Of course Steve. Glad to! Can't wait to see 'em!
Y'know....I LOVE being the designated CZ Forum Picture Poster! Means I get to see all the cool pictures first!!!!! :D :D :D

Here is Steve's BEAUTIFUL new Beretta! OOOOOHHH DAT IS NICE!!!!!

Now Steve.....She is BEAUTIFUL.....Just don't forget your CZ....She is too nice to be a safe queen!

Congratulations on a GORGEOUS new gun, my friend.

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:D Thanks Kris--Don't worry, I am over having "safe queens, I like to shoot and enjoy my guns........................
1steve, I am going to make an attempt to describe how your gun strikes me, I will start out by saying Beretta out did themselves, that is a brand gun yet it just glows with a Vintage look about it, an old classic, the color case and gold is so tasteful and understated and the wood looks like they took it from an old 1950's high grade Beretta or fine Spanish Double gun, the gun actually almost looks like a vintage prestine high grade classic, you done good my friend. I could just sit and admire that gun and be well pleasured. Nice job on the pictures too. Thank you for sharing.
I'm going to CHEAT and show you my new favorite "smiley" for pictures.....

The DROOLING smiley!!!!!!!

This gun surely deserves it!!!!!
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