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Wow is this place great!!!
I have found tons of info....

I am very new to this sport. I am 39 and just starting out..
My Son started his gun saftey class, I came along and half way through the class I signed up. Well on my way to a new hobby. My son is interested in Bow hunting this fall. I grew up with all the men in my family as avid hunters. (I never got to go for some reason). My son will be going with my brother if he passes his test. I will more than likely be going also.
If he is responsible with his bow I plan on getting him his 1st shotgun. My husband is not much of a hunter, but between my son and now myself we are slowly getting him interested.

I have been looking around for a shotgun for myself. I am about 5' 7'' 145. I would like to find somthing mostly for skeet and trap, and then get into bird and deer hunting. I like the idea of a challenge while hunting and am not interested in long range guns. So I guess I am looking for a gun that interchangable. (slugs and shot with the different chokes). (Wow I actually know what those are).

2 weeks ago I shot my 1st shotguns a 12g and 20g. I actually think the 12g felt better than the 20, unfortuanatly I don't rember the brand names. I did look at a Remington 870 over the weekend and it felt good but it was a 12g and I think I need a 20?

So any of you awsome women out there that can give me some advise that would be great.

Sheila Otte from MN
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