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I posted this in the "General" section and it was suggested that I may get an answer over here.....

Hey to everyone!

I'm brand new here and have been looking around a bit. I live in West Central Florida and have been shooting for many years.

I'm an Army vet (68, 69, and 70), married with one daughter in college. I try to get to the range at least twice a week and shoot as much as I can.

I'm hoping to get a little help identifying a shotgun I'm looking for.

I haven't seen one in probably 15 years or more and I don't remember who made it.

It was a double barrel, 12 gauge but it had a different stock than any other shotgun I've ever had. There was no shoulder stock... right behind the pistol grip the stock was cut like a ball about the size of a softball, then the ball was cut in half and it was padded. Kinda like the shape of an old M-79 stock except it was round instead of flat like the '79.

The idea was that you could put the shotgun against your belly or thigh to shoot it.

It has been suggested that it was a Savage produced in the 70's or early 80's.

Has anyone ever seen one of these or know anything about them?


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