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welcome fellow 870 owner...

there is a long post here, very recent, it's called "can anyone recommend a" and towards the end there's a great discussion of slings...

personally, "zombie" who posts on this board a lot has a wealth of sling and attachment point knowledge and you could PM him if he doesn't respond to this post...

depending on what kind of sling you want, the UM swivel on the mag cap will not work so well... and i really dispise the noise they make, rather some tac owners opt for this "hard" attachment point

google and see the sling i bought... the bungee elastic type in single point attachment... i like it.

enjoy the rewarding journey of customizing your SG to fit your needs... and make sure to save some $$$ and spend it on practice ammo, cause all the SG toys are worthless without the basics of marksmanship.
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