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I have high regard for your opinions and the willingness with which you share your knowledge with others on this board, but on this issue I would have to disagree.

I have known many game wardens, and they have all been people who chose their job because of their passion for hunting and fishing. None of the wardens I have known wrote tickets that were unwarranted, and most were willing to let you go for minor infractions, even if a citation was warranted, if you were polite. The wardens I've known have been mainly interested in commercial fishermen breaking the rules, outfitters consistently shooting over the limit, and people that consistently poach or break game laws.

Maybe the quality of wardens in other parts of the country is less, but Texas wardens are, in my opinion, dedicated individuals who are spread too thin and hampered by too small of budgets, and who still strive to do a good job.

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