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Friends All.....Thank you for your warm welcome!!!!! After spending my entire adult life working for the gun & ammo crowd and engineering, I have retired back to my native stae of Florida (5th generation). During the last 3 years I have been deeply involved (with others) in designing and testing many things. This has covered a broad base from new a slug/bullet (Terminator) to a new cartridge call the .44 Magnum Max. Although I have been involved with many developments, shotguns are my first love. For each rifle sold there are ten shotguns sold worldwide. The shotgun can be used for all game....including big game. I don't come aboard this forum as an "Expert" or "Big Gun"......only someone that spent his life in the development (and marketing) of shooting products. Down here we have a saying...."Even a Blind Hog finds an Occasional Acorn!" So it is with someone that has been out there for 50 years! No....."Lex Talio" is not my name, only a monogram. I intend to stay within the Reloading catagory and only discuss other subjects as to how they relate to your getting the performance you want from whatever you may be reloading. I do not like the hype the syndicated writers are now flooding the new shooters with! Most of their stuff is based on the freebies they get and whatever the largest advertisers want!Thank you again for the warm welcome and Best Regards, JamesJames C. GatesOld Town, [email protected]
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